Noble Apparels Jordan LLC believes in doing things right, throughout the supply chain from ordering of fabric and trims, to the final packing. We have constant quality checks to maintain the quality standards and we have adopted several quality procedures including:

  1. Our sourcing department regularly inspects the fabric and trims right at the manufacturing stage before shipment and a separate team on arrival of the fabric & Trims in our warehouse.
  2. Our quality assurance department, along with merchandisers, inspects the fabric. Whenever required, a blanket is made to check the shade families. Besides, tests are also done for shrinkage, skewing, bowing and shade variation of the fabric. Any additional tests, as may be appropriate, are also carried out.
  3. Prior to issuing the fabric from cutting, our inspection department scrutinizes 100% of the fabric, to check any weaving defects and shade variation. Any defects found are segregated and kept away from the production floor.
  4. Quality check points at every stage of production ensures that only the right product is made and consistency is maintained in production.

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